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Moissanite FAQ's

Moissanite, created by Charles & Colvard is a stunning new jewel that has fire, brilliance, luster and incredible hardness unlike any jewel you've ever seen. Moissanite was originally born from a star. However, naturally occurring crystals are too small for use in jewelry.Using an uncommon combination of art and science, moissanite is now available on earth!


 This stunning jewel has a brilliant past. Fifty thousand years ago a meteorite crashed into the Arizona desert creating what is now known as a "Meteor Crater." Fragments of this meteorite were scattered across the desert. Hidden in these fragments was a brilliant secret waiting to be discovered.

In 1893, Nobel-Prize winning scientist Henri Moissan began studying fragments of this meteorite from nearby Diablo Canyon. In these fragments Dr. Moissan discovered minute quantities of a shimmering new mineral, with fire and brilliance never before seen on earth. After extensive research, Dr. Moissan concluded that this mineral was made of silicon carbide. In 1905, this mineral was named moissanite, in his honor.Despite this amazing discovery, since naturally occurring quantities of moissanite are so minute, it would be another century before this stunning mineral would emerge as the brilliant jewel it is today.


About Moissanite FAQ's

Moissanite, also known by its chemical name, silicon carbide (SiC), is a naturally occurring mineral found in very limited quantities or as minute particles in the earth. The rarity of natural moissanite crystals large enough for jewelry prohibits their use.For years, scientists tried to re-create this extraordinarily brilliant material. Only recently, through the power of advanced technology, Charles & Colvard developed a way to produce in a laboratory, large gem-quality crystals which can be faceted into near-colorless jewels with incomparable fire and brilliance. Charles & Colvard created Moissanite™ is truly a unique and beautiful blend of art and science.
Moissanite created by Charles & Colvard™ may initially look like diamond however, moissanite is a unique jewel with different physical, optical and chemical properties than diamond. While diamond's chemical composition is carbon (C) and has a long association with love and romance; moissanite is the mineralogical name for silicon carbide (SiC) and symbolizes the perfect indulgence or self-purchase reward for a woman celebrating important personal or professional milestones or achievements. Moissanite has superior fire and brilliance as compared to other gemstones and jewels, including diamond. With nearly 2.4 times the fire of diamond.
 How do I care for my new moissanite?
While Charles & Colvard created Moissanite™ is extremely hard, durable and resistant to abrasion and chipping, it, like all other gemstones and jewels is not indestructible. Care for your moissanite jewelry just as you would other fine jewelry, taking care not to wear rings and bracelets when doing rough work or sports. Moissanite jewelry can be safely cleaned the same way your would clean other fine jewelry using a jewelry ultrasonic cleaner or commercial (non-acid based) jewelry cleaner.
 How did moissanite get its name?
Natural moissanite was discovered in 1893 by prominent French scientist Dr. Henri Moissan, who later became a Nobel Prize winner. Dr. Moissan began studying geological fragments of a meteorite taken from a meteor crater (Canyon Diablo) located in Arizona. In these fragments, he discovered minute quantities of a shimmering material. After extensive research, Dr. Moissan concluded that this material was a new mineral, silicon carbide. In 1905, well-known Tiffany & Co. gem expert and mineralogist, George Kunz suggested the jewel be named moissanite in Dr. Moissan's honor.
 Is moissanite natural or man-made?
Moissanite does occur in nature however, the crystals are tiny and rare. In fact, they are so scarce that enough gem-quality natural moissanite doesn't exist to create a pair of solitaire earrings. Today, beautiful lab-created moissanite jewels are available through a proprietary and patented thermal growth process exclusively through the house of Charles & Colvard. The growth process is very involved, technology intense and expensive factors prevent mass production of Charles & Colvard created Moissanite™
Quite simply, jewelry set with Charles & Colvard created Moissanite™ is worn by both men and women all over the world. However, women especially are attracted to the big, bold look of moissanite jewelry with its unrivalled fire and brilliance.

What color is moissanite?
Moissanite's color as indicated by the GIA is "Near Colorless". What does this mean? All moissanite has color, unlike a CZ or a D colored diamond. In our many years in the business we have always seen some color in moissanite. You will notice a slight hue of yellow somewhere in the H-K color depending on shape and size. Because of moissanites superior fire and brilliance the stone picks up a lot of the surrounding colors of the room you are in or outdoors and Lightning conditions. If you are looking for a D colored stone, Moissanite might not be the right choice for you.



 Now Over One Million People Are Wearing Moissanite!

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