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Martini Earrings:
Just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful earrings. I love…
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The Moissanite Only Store
Martini Earrings
Just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful earrings. I love them.
Qualdev info - , .
Custom Moissanite Ring
Good morning,
Itís been a while since we purchased stones from you last. I have to say the Cushion cut set in my NY Designer ring gets loads of compliments it's so clean and bright. I am now looking for some smaller 2.0mm round stones for a custom pave and I need to know what the price is for your 2mm round brilliant stones? I think I will need 14 for my wedding band.

Thank you so much,
Erin D.
Deerreed Deerreed - , .
My princess solitaire
My fiance suprised me with this stone and I can't get over the beauty! We're going to mount it in a pave platinum setting to do it justice. Thanks,
Mandy !!!
B - CA, US.
Moissanite Revelation

I was just thinking about wedding rings and realized that I hadn't properly thanked you for making my engagement-ring dreams come true!

My fiancee Marc purchased your "Classic Tiffany Style Six-Prong Solitaire .75ct" white gold ring for me about two months ago and suprised me with it when he proposed. I was still a teensy bit nervous about Moissanite even though it has been showing up at jewelry stores lately and I was able to see it several times. But I knew that I wanted something other than a traditional diamond, for several reasons, and it was still my first choice.

Well...I LOVE my ring!!! It is such a beautiful, classic setting, which makes the stone "pop", and it's true that Moissanite really does have a little more fire than many diamonds because mine is always sparkling beautifully! I love looking at my ring and could not imagine being any happier with a diamond than I am with my "unique," treasured ring. I was also pleased to see that you sent it with the Charles & Colvard Certificate of Authenticity.

Thank-you so much for offering such a wonderful line of jewelry! We will definately use your website again when it's time for some Moissanite accessories such as earrings, etc. You're the best!

Jessica Jessica - , .
Mens Ring MR207
Hey Guys the ring that I got was awesome. I have a ton of friends who won't stop talking about it. They tell me I'm big pimpin. I'd suggest your company to anyone. Your mens rings are truly HOT!
Scott ZBrooks - , .
Still in love with my ring
I would like everyone to know I'm still in love with my ring. Short story. Two days ago I took my ring to be sized at a local jewler I was a little nervous because everyone in my town thinks my ring are real diamonds. He looked at my ring his eyes poped And then he went behind his desk Igot so nervous because I know he was testing it. Iwaited for him to ask me if it was moissanite but he said have you had your ring appraised latley in your insurance I said not latley He said he would be happy to write me my apprasil. He believed my ring was a diamond three stone worth Apox. 27000.00 I declined said thank you got in my car and smiled all the way home staring at in the sun light thank you so much Cheri
cheryl cheryl - MA, US.
Trellis ring
I purchased my ring about 3 months ago and it is absolutely beautiful! it sparkles and looks just like a real diamond with a fraction of the cost. Seriously, 500 bucks for a 1 ct? Try 5,000 for a 1ct diamond. No way! Don't pay that its ridiculous. Get moissanite!
Kristin - CA, US.
i had ordered the 2 carat tiffany style ring which was stunning but decided to have the setting made a little thicker. the original and current rings are crafted to perfection. i had then changed my choice of white gold to yellow gold after i had already recieved the ring but i'll tell you Steve was as pleasant and as accommodating as he could be. when i opened that box an seen that ring that steve had crafted for me, i was overhealmed-IT IS ABSOLUTLEY STUNNING!!! THE FIRE AND BRILLIANCE ALONG WITH THE FLAWLESSNESS OF THIS GEM ARE ASTOUNDING. why would anyone ever want a blood diamond when this gem is the closest to a natural diamond pysically. besides the beauty of moissanite, i have to tell you that i would never purchase from anyone other than Amants By Design, they are skilled craftsman and good business men. if you call them, they get right back to you. their customer servive is outstanding. never would i have been able to afford this beautiful ring if it was made from blood diamonds-but then again i don't think i would want it. this is so close to to a diamond so you have the look and affordability without wearing your concious on your finger. I have looked at every store that carries moissanite and my stone came with a Chales and Colvard Certificate of authenticity THANK YOU STEVE AND GUY FOR ALL YOU'VE DONE. YOU MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE. AND ANYTHING YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO WAS JUST DONE AND DONE EXECPTIONALLY WELL. STEVE THE 2 CARAT IN THE enr1070 SETTING-IT LOOKS FANTASTIC. ITS THE RING OF MY DREAMS. MY B'DAY IS IN MARCH SO I'LL SEEING YOU AGAIN THEN. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. I DON'T KNOW WHO KNOWS MORE ABOUT MOISSAINTE-YOU GUYS OR CHARLES AND COLVARD? HA,HA.THANK YOU aMANTS bY dESIGN P.S. JUST A LITLE DIDDY BUT THIS STONE FEELS MORE SPECIAL KNOWING IT ORIGINANTED HERE IN ARIZONA- MAKES IT EVEN MORE PRECIOUS. SO COME ALL YOU pARADISE VALLEY, SCOTTSDALE-TAKE A LOOK AND SEE WHAT YOU THINK BE PROUD TO BE AN AZIZONIAN
jill schecher-dobson - AZ, US.
Amants By Design
629 Rand Rd
Garner, NC 27529
Phone 1-877-708-6911
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